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Forward Multiple Messages and More on Viber for Desktop

28 Jun 2017
Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, Viber Team

Two new major improvements for you on Viber for Desktop with today’s version update! Multiple messages forwarding to multiple recipients, as well as our drag & drop feature that will allow you to control the quality of the files you send. Read on to learn more about your new go-to features.


How to Use Viber's Chat Extensions Like a Pro

28 Jun 2017
Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, Viber Team

We’re constantly coming up with ways to improve our product and since we want to make your life easier, it was important for us to add a few awesome updates we think you’ll really like.


Viber is the Official Messaging App of Shakira's El Dorado World Tour

27 Jun 2017
Posted by: Shai Lavi

We’ve been exercising some serious self-control when it comes to keeping this secret for the past few weeks. But, today, we finally get to announce that Viber is going to be the Official Messaging App of Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour!