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Viber for Business

Want to connect freely with your audience?
Viber offers a wide range of partnership opportunities for your business to engage with our users.

Public Accounts

Public Accounts open up new possibilities for businesses to connect with over 800 million global users on the messenger they trust the most.


Why should your business have a Public Account?

  • Rich messaging and interface options let you talk to your customers immediately and creatively.
  • Customers can reach you the way they'd reach out to any of their contacts. Interactions look and feel as simple and native as their regular Viber conversations.  
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Viber Out for Resellers

Viber Out offers low rates on international calls to landlines and mobiles in hundreds of destinations! By becoming a Viber Out credit reseller, you make money while providing your customers with access to high-quality international calls. Watch how Viber Out works here.

Offer Viber Out credit with:

  • Credit coupons. Purchase a bulk of credit coupons to resell as credits or calling plans. Learn more here.
  • Viber’s direct payment API. With a simple integration, your customers can purchase credits directly from your service. Learn more when you apply.  
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Service Messages

With Service Messages API you have the opportunity to use Viber's innovative messaging platform to send targeted messages to your users at a competitive cost and high efficiency.


How can Service Messages benefit you? 

  • Through Viber you can share your latest updates and information while offering a more engaging experience for your users
  • You will be able to reach users within your target market all over the world
  • Using our API you can understand how end-users react to your messages
  • No hidden fees, you will pay per delivered message at a fixed rate per country  
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Promotional Stickers

Support your campaigns with promotional Sticker Packs!  We will work with you on the designs to bring a fun, colorful expression of your brand to Viber with exclusively designed sticker packs.


Want your brand or campaign to reach millions of users?

  • Free sticker packs expose your brand to a wider audience while achieving high brand awareness
  • "Free and Follow" sticker packs are designed to promote your brand and help you build an audience for your Public Chat 
  • Paid sticker packs provide a way for your business to generate revenue while increasing your brand’s exposure 
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